(2017 – Short/Drama)

An eight-year-old boy is seeking his father’s attention; in a very unconventional way.


TIMELESS shows the emotional journey of the hard-working single dad BILL and his son JOIE. After having lost his mum in a car accident, the eight-year-old boy is seeking his father’s attention; in a very unconventional way.


Director’s Statement

The landscape of families is changing. Nowadays there is a record number of single-parents who are constantly torn between wanting to provide a good or even better life for their kids and the quality time they can spend with them. While their kids are mainly concerned about receiving enough attention and being heard.

I’ve made this film to give a voice to the feelings that so many kids are going thru and mostly never openly express. It’s the voice asking for a warm connection, active attention and … time.

For me, film serves three major purposes. It is the modern medium that should inform/educate, entertain as well as spark emotions and ideas around a higher meaning. It is a great honor as well as responsibility for us filmmakers to use this medium in a meaningful and responsible way to make the world an even better place.

I hope that TIMELESS will spark parents’ emotions about how their kids might feel about them and hopefully lead into positive adaptations.

Warm regards,

Hannes Guggenberger

Writer, Producer and Director of TIMELESS